The Charter for Working South Australians

Collectively, unions represent more than 180,000 working South Australians and their families.

Every day, we advocate for people’s rights at work, for fairness for them if they are injured at work, and for their fair share of our State’s prosperity and wealth. For instance, we’re fighting against changes to Workcover which penalize injured workers and cut off their benefits if they appeal.

We believe that unions have an important and ongoing role in advocating on our members’ behalf when governments make decisions and that’s why we’re campaigning to create a better and fairer future for South Australian working people and their families.

Our Charter for Working South Australians is our plan to create a better future for this State and its citizens. South Australia has achieved great things during the past decade and we need to make sure we keep the momentum going to create an even better future.

Janet Giles
Secretary, SA Unions


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