What we are fighting for!

  • Stand up. Speak out. Come home.

    Stand Up. Speak out. Come home.
  • Why Mr. Abbott?

    Why Mr. Abbott at a time of rising unemployment do you want to bring in even more temporary overseas workers on 457 visas?
  • Not At Work

    Need help for a drug or alcohol issue?
  • Asbestos Free Future

    Get informed, take action – join the CFMEU/AMWU campaign calling on the Government to implement all recommendations of the Asbestos Management Review.
  • Let's Spread It Around

    The mining boom is creating massive wealth for the select few, but there are also many Australians missing out. These are our resources, our jobs and our future. Let’s make the boom work for all Australians.
  • Jobs for Aussie workers, protection for migrant labour

    CFMEU view on temporary overseas labour and skilled migration
  • Stop the Sham

    Sham contracts in construction damage the national interest - workers are taking action