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    3 of 4 anti-ABCC campaign posters

    pdf | 523.39 KB | Last Updated Day 26/11/2010

  • A Better Life? Stories of Exploited Guestworkers in Australia

    The hope of a better life is the common thread that runs through the stories of almost all guest workers who come to Australia. For many, however, the life that awaits them here does not match expectations. All too often, guest workers' vulnerabilities are exploited. From CFMEU NSW Branch, with information on the rules for and rights of 457 Visa holders in English, Korean, Chinese, Farsi and Arabic

    pdf | 4.02 MB | Last Updated Day 09/09/2009

  • Abbott y trust him?

    pdf | 1.59 MB | Last Updated Day 27/08/2013

  • ABCC revival attacks all Australians' rights

    CFMEU Construction national flyer questioning Abbott's proposed revival of the ABCC and its related legislation.

    pdf | 2.59 MB | Last Updated Day 13/11/2013

  • Access Economics: Construction Industry, Economic Drivers and Outlook

    July 27, 2009 report

    pdf | 767.69 KB | Last Updated Day 25/08/2009

  • ACT Delegate Meeting Flier for 2nd August

    ACT Delegate Meeting Flier

    pdf | 247.54 KB | Last Updated Day 17/07/2012

  • Action on Climate Change

    Download CFMEU Construction's introductory flyer on tackling climate change in our industry.

    pdf | 1.69 MB | Last Updated Day 20/05/2011

  • ACTU Carbon Price Fact Sheet

    Worried about the Carbon Price impact on your bills - download the ACTU's Factsheet for a clear explanation of how it works.

    pdf | 233.43 KB | Last Updated Day 28/08/2012

  • Airborne Asbestos Estimation

    Guidance Note on the Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos Fibres 2nd Edition [NOHSC: 3003 (2005)]

    pdf | 1.49 MB | Last Updated Day 17/03/2010

  • Alert from Turbo Scaffolding re Faulty Scaffold Couplers

    Following issue of previous alert on this issue, CFMEU WA received the manufacturer's alert on these couplers, with details which may assist in the identification of the potentially flawed couplers or clips.

    pdf | 321.28 KB | Last Updated Day 16/07/2013

  • Alert: Formwork Shutter & Lifting Points

    Download the CFMEU QLD Alert on Formwork Shutter & Lifting Points issued following an incident on the QLD University St Lucia campus on Oct 31, when a foreman was fatally injured.

    pdf | 490.52 KB | Last Updated Day 08/11/2011

  • Alert: Safe Clean Up of Mercury Spills

    Concerned about safe clean-up of energy saving light bulbs? Download the following Alert from the VIC Department of Health on safe clean-up of mercury spills. Note Energy Saving light bulbs contain a very small amount of mercury, but any breakages need to be cleaned up carefully as this alert advises.

    pdf | 62.23 KB | Last Updated Day 26/10/2011

  • Alert: WA stairwell failure

    Download the attached alert regarding the failure of a stairwell in WA: investigations showed steel reinforcement framework of the stairs had not been tied into the slab and pre-pour checklist not complete.

    pdf | 204.99 KB | Last Updated Day 21/10/2011

  • Alimak Latch Lock Alert

    Alimak Hek Pty Ltd has issued an alert, at Worksafe Victoria's request, recommending Latch Locking for Alimak doors # 9042.755.000.

    pdf | 299.52 KB | Last Updated Day 08/02/2010

  • Alimak Scando 650 Hoists Alert

    Alimak Hek A.B Sweden has issued a Safety Alert after major concerns regarding the use of Alimak Scando 650 Hoists.

    pdf | 70.27 KB | Last Updated Day 16/09/2010

  • Apprentice Award Review - CFMEUC&G Submission

    The CFMEU has made a joint application to Fair Work Australia, with the ACTU, AMWU and CEPU, calling for a wage rise for apprentices. The application would vary the building and construction awards to increase the minimum wage of a first year apprentice to 60% of the trade rate (i.e. $423.66 per week). Read the CFMEU Submission here.

    pdf | 1.52 MB | Last Updated Day 04/02/2013 | Learn more >>

  • Apprentices - Building Australia's Future

    The CFMEU's 10 Point Plan to reduce skill shortages (Published November 2005)

    pdf | 856.85 KB | Last Updated Day 24/09/2009

  • Arabic - Your rights for ABCC

    What to do if the ABCC comes on your site in Arabic.

    pdf | 250.69 KB | Last Updated Day 28/09/2009

  • Arabic flyer: Slam the Sham

    How do I know if I am on a sham contract? Download this flyer to find out.

    pdf | 1.2 MB | Last Updated Day 04/04/2011

  • Ark Tribe judgement - Magistrate's full report

    Magistrate David Whittle's complete judgement document, on his landmark decision for finding Ark Tribe not guilty

    pdf | 6.1 MB | Last Updated Day 24/11/2010