Indigenous Workers

The CFMEU promotes the training and employment of Indigenous Australians in the construction industry.

Many of our Branches are involved in specific initiatives to support indigenous workers and their communities.

They include:

Listen to Indigenous members' training stories: Lawrence (NSW) and Daniel (WA).

The CFMEU and its predecessor unions have a long history of fighting for justice for Australia's Indigenous communities and continues to support those struggles today.

The union's goal is an industry where Indigenous workers have the same opportunities as all other workers.



My hope is that one day there will be no need for programs like this and Aboriginal people will have the same opportunities as everyone else. 

Rohan Tobler,  former CFMEU Organiser, now Facility Manager, NCIE

Other useful links

  • Volunteer constructively - use your skills to assist Indigenous communities in remote areas with construction projects through Indigenous Community Volunteers 
  • National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE), Redfern, Sydney - visit their website for details of Eora Fitness Centre, cultural, educational, sports training programs.