Electrocution fatality Clermont QLD

CFMEU QLD & NT regrets to announce that three workers have been tragically killed on the job in Queensland in less than a week.

A 20-year-old labourer on a site at Clermont in western Queensland on Monday February 27.

CFMEU QLD &NT understands from Workplace Health and Safety QLD that the deceased worker was working on a unit construction site in Clermont when the incident occurred.

The young labourer had come across a temporary construction power board that was laying on an angle on the ground. As he attempted to push the power board upright, he received a massive fatal electric shock.

WPHS QLD are still investigating this incident, but early signs suggest the hard wiring connecting the power to the board somehow made the box live. This, coupled with what has been described as “component failure” (live wire touching the metal box, earth wire and or earth leakage failing ), has almost certainly contributed to  this tragic fatality.

The site has been closed by WPHS QLD as the investigation continues.

The CFMEU will keep members informed as any further information becomes available.

Second electrocution in two days

Just two days before the Clermont incident, on Saturday, February 25 another QLD worker was electrocuted.

Two sign writers were working on a roadside advertising billboard at Sherwood, an outer Brisbane suburb. One of the workers, aged 46, received a fatal electric shock when one of the steel rods used to tension the vinyl sign skin, came into contact with 11 KV power lines.

The power lines were located outside the 3 metre exclusion zone.

STOP Press ... fatality near Toowoomba today

CFMEU QLD & NT also regrets to report that we have had yet another fatality this morning, March 1, at Jandowae, near Toowoomba.

Details at this stage are still not clear, but it appears the deceased was working on an electrical transmission tower  when a load fell from a crane, fatally injuring him.

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