More safety incidents shut Cotter Dam Extension

WorkSafe ACT has issued another stop work order for part of the Cotter Dam Extension Project in Canberra because of two further safety incidents at the site. Cotter Dam ACT

In one incident, a crane cable was severed while the power was on. In the second, a bolt came off a lower section of a crane, compromising its entire structure.

CFMEU ACT Branch Secretary Dean Hall says members suspect a poor batch of bolts have been used to hold cranes together.  “They must be examined.”  WorkSafe ACT has shut down the crane.

The workers drilling near the crane cable are lucky to be alive.

More than 20 serious safety issues have been reported since work began on the Cotter Dam enlargement project.

Dean Hall says communication about safety issues is a major problem on the job.

“Safety concerns raised by workers on the ground are being lost in middle management on their way to the top.

"We're in situations where we're raising safety concerns over and over again, and they don't seem to be addressed," he said.

"Some of the higher management out there are extremely frustrated by it."

The $363 million Cotter Dam Extension Project is being built by the Bulk Water Alliance consortium, including John Holland Pty Ltd and Abigroup Pty Ltd.

Both of the latest incidents are being investigated.

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