VIC workers injured by excavation wall collapse - update

The company undertaking the sub-works, basement and walls on the Hawthorn building site where two workers were injured on January 30 is GeoTech Engineering Pty Ltd.

An investigation by the CFMEU VIC Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Unit revealed unsupported sheer walls of up to approximately 4 metres in some of the areas where workers were working.

The incident occurred when part of an unsupported excavated wall sheared off, with part of the rubble collapsing onto the two workers.

The photos show the size of the pieces of 'rubble', from which the workers had to be dragged away.  Fortunately, it didn't bury them; however one of the workers suffered a fractured pelvis and will be incapacitated for some time. The other worker suffered a sprained wrist.

Work has ceased on the site until further notice, with Worksafe Victoria issuing a Prohibition Notice on the entire site. 

  • More information Dr Gerard Ayers OHS&E Manager ph: 03. 9341 3444
GeoTech Haw wall collapse_350
The collapsed wall
Geotech Haw unsupported walls
Unsupported walls in working area.





























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