The CFMEU is a strong supporter of training for construction workers. 

The union advocates for training - not only for young apprentices and trainees coming into the industry. Experienced workers are also encouraged to get recognition for skills acquired over the years or to upskill to acquire other tickets or trade qualifications.

CFMEU Training Schools train over 40,000 people in important skills like occupational health and safety, scaffolding, rigging, crane driving, safe asbestos removal, occupational first aid and many other skills vital to the future of our industry.

The union has released a 10-point plan to reduce skills shortages, making apprentices the centerpiece of the building industry’s future, after years of neglect by Federal Governments.

The 10 points of that plan are:

  • Competency based apprenticeships
  • Shorter apprenticeships in certain circumstances
  • Pre-apprenticeship training
  • Improved wages
  • Retention and retraining of adult workers, including adult apprenticeships
  • Industry training funds across all States and Territories
  • Auditing of training providers
  • Identification of skills gaps
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Training quotas on government-funded projects


These 10 points will help put the building industry on the right track, but the union cannot do it alone. Our industry needs to work together to help reduce our skills shortages where they exist and lead this industry into the future – a future that should be based on safe sites, high wages and high skills.




It's all training and safety. 30 years ago this building would have taken 2 years, now it's 8 months. We work smarter. You've got to use your head more.